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10 Laws of Cloud Computing and SaaS

8 Février 2010 , Rédigé par Sandrine Publié dans #high tech

Bessemer's Top 10 Laws of Cloud Computing and SaaS
Winter 2010 Release
Running an on-demand company means abandoning many of the long-held tenets of software best practices and adhering to these new principles.
  1. Less is more! Leverage the cloud everywhere you practically can (more...)

  2. Get instrument rated, and trust the 6C's of Cloud Finance (more...)

  3. Study the Sales Learning Curve and Only Invest behind Success (more...)

  4. Forget everything you learned about software channels. The internet is your new channel and Technology Enabled Service providers are among the few partners that actually care if you succeed (more...)

  5. Build Employee Software. Employees are now powerful customers, not just their managers! We are witnessing the “Consumerization of Software” so focus on ease of use (more...)

  6. By definition, your sales prospects are online - Savvy online marketing is a core competence (sometimes the only one) of every successful Cloud business (more...)

  7. The most important part of Software-as-a-Service isn’t "Software" its "Service"! Support, support, support! (more...)

  8. Leverage and monetize the data asset (more...)

  9. Mind the GAAP! Cloud accounting is all about matching revenue and costs to consumption…well, except for professional services! (more...)

  10. Cloudonomics requires that you plan your fuel stops very carefully (more...)

BONUS LAW: You can ignore one or two of these rules, but not more - Great companies innovate, but pick your battles! (more...)

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