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  • Two in Five Mobile Owners Use Internet on the Go

    24 août 2011 ( #high tech )

    Elmarketer A new eMarketer forecast projects nearly 50% growth in US smartphone users this year, along with almost 25% growth in mobile internet usage. By the end of 2011, nearly 100 million Americans will be hitting up the web via mobile each month....

  • What Makes Social Media Trustworthy?

    12 août 2010 ( #marketing )

    emarketer It's true that consumers trust social channels because they trust peer recommendation and word-of-mouth from friends and family more than traditional marketing messages. But within the social world a variety of factors contribute to make sources...

  • Connected Devices Become Key to Content Consumption

    20 février 2012 ( #marketing )

    emarketer A new eMarketer report explores the world of smart devices, from phones to tablets to internet-connected TVs, and examines how consumer adoption trends might factor into marketers' plans and strategies. Full Article

  • As Social Spending Rises, Which Metrics Are CMOs Focusing On?

    17 septembre 2011 ( #marketing )

    emarketer Marketers expect higher percentages of marketing budgets to be spent on social media over the next five years. As investment in social increases, CMOs are testing more measurement tactics and metrics to determine how successful these programs...

  • Harnessing Active Brand Advocates

    11 janvier 2010 ( #marketing )

    dans emarketer With marketers recognizing the importance of earned media and brand evangelism, how ready are consumers to spread the word about products? Full Article

  • Social Media Users Want to Be Heard

    17 décembre 2009 ( #networkings )

    Dans emarketer Social sites are an important communications medium. How do users feel about them? Full Article

  • Will Social Media Adoption Drive Productivity?

    15 juin 2010 ( #networkings )

    emarketer Social media is not yet an indispensable technology for US employees, but as millennials increasingly enter the workforce and companies up their expertise it may earn its place beside e-mail in the corporate tool kit. Full Article

  • In China, Social Networks Drive Conversation

    03 mars 2011 ( #networkings )

    in emarketer A new eMarketer report examines the population of social media users in China, their activities and their online relationships with brands. Full Article

  • Posting Strategies that Encourage Engagement on Facebook

    11 avril 2011 ( #marketing )

    dans emarketer Brands know they must stay active on their Facebook page, writing posts and encouraging engagement. But there are certain tactics that increase fans' participation, including using specific words and posting at certain times. Full Arti...

  • Mobile Brings New Opportunities for Local Retailers

    14 novembre 2011 ( #marketing )

    Emarketer A new eMarketer report explores the attitudes and behaviors of consumers about offline shopping in local stores—shopping that's often assisted by online research. With smartphone and mobile internet access increasing, much of that research is...

  • The Future of Social/E-Mail Integration

    22 juin 2010 ( #marketing )

    Emarketer E-mail marketers have been combining their campaigns with social media hooks for the past year or more. As integration matures, different tactics will become more common. Full Article

  • What Makes Facebook Fan Pages Successful?

    31 janvier 2011 ( #networkings )

    emarketer YouTube, Coca-Cola and Starbucks are the largest brand fan pages on Facebook, yet local businesses make up the largest category of fan pages on the site. What can local businesses learn from the big brands when it comes to engagement online?...

  • B2B Possibilities for Mobile

    02 février 2011 ( #high tech )

    emarketer C-level executives are increasingly relying on mobile for business purposes beyond just checking email when they are out of the office. Business-to-business marketing opportunities are coming to light as the comfort level with business-oriented...

  • Small Biz Lead Gen Surges with Social

    16 avril 2010 ( #marketing )

    Emarketer Blogs and Twitter are key tools to help small and medium-sized business convert visitors into leads. Full Article

  • Heavy Twitter Users Bring Social Activity to New Heights

    09 août 2010 ( #networkings )

    emarketer Participation in social media is a staple of Americans' online diet, but daily users of Twitter do more to contribute to every social realm—making them more valuable than ever to marketers. Full Article

  • Retailers Try to Monetize Social Media Outreach

    04 août 2011 ( #networkings )

    Emarketer Retailers use social media to promote products and also leverage it for customer service. Yet many companies are still determining the best way to rate the effectiveness of these social media programs and monetize their investments. Full Ar...

  • après l'internationalisation, le local !

    22 septembre 2010 ( #marketing )

    Emarketer Strong Growth for Local Online Advertising Local ad spending is making a rebound this year, growing slowly despite predictions of further declines. Online growth will be much steeper, with spending up about 30%. Full Article

  • Web Merchants Keep Social Spending Low

    19 juillet 2010 ( #marketing )

    emarketer While a social presence has become practically a requirement for online retailers, they still shy away of spending much on social media marketing and consider other online tactics more effective—and more measurable. Full Article

  • Does Social Media Marketing Make Sense for the Smallest Businesses?

    20 novembre 2010 ( #marketing )

    Emarketer Even though social media activities have become the norm for online Americans, many small-business owners are still worried their customers can't be found on sites like Facebook. Full Article

  • Media : Commentcamarche.net rachète l'Internaute et le Journaldunet

    23 septembre 2010 ( #communication )

    par Philippe Leroy , ZDNet France. Business - Le site communautaire rachete Benchmark Group, éditeur notamment des sites linternaute.com et du Journaldunet. Le montant de l'acquisition reste à confirmer. Le nouvel ensemble devient le premier groupe Media...

  • What Brand Marketers Expect from Social Media Followers

    13 mai 2011 ( #marketing )

    emarketer Despite all the effort to put a dollar amount on the value of brand fans, marketers may care more about several less tangible benefits they gain from fans. For many, insights and loyalty matter more than increased spending. Full Article

  • More Time Spent on Social Media than Email Worldwide

    04 novembre 2010 ( #marketing )

    emarketer Social activities are on the rise globally, with more internet users staying in contact with more people through the channel. And while it's not as common a daily activity as email, it does take up more time each week. Full Article

  • How Searches on Smartphones Fit in the Purchase Funnel

    12 mai 2011 ( #marketing )

    dans Emarketer Smartphones are a useful tool when consumers are on the go and need information. Usage patterns suggest that many smartphone searches are conducted when users are already further down the purchase funnel and more likely to take action....

  • Case Study: Geo-Targeted Shoppers Show Strong Purchase Intent

    21 septembre 2011 ( #marketing )

    emarketer eMarketer analyzes a mobile location-based marketing campaign from AT&T in partnership with Placecast. Opt-in participants who received geo-targeted messages, offers, rewards or coupons via mobile had high conversion rates—and satisfaction with...

  • What Do TV-Social Media Multitaskers Talk About?

    12 mai 2011 ( #marketing )

    dans Emarketer Social media is changing the way younger consumers respond to TV shows. The type of TV show determines how and where they chat about it, but marketers must keep in mind that viewers are not always talking about the content. Full Articl...