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  • Making the Most of Earned Media

    18 février 2010 ( #marketing )

    eMarketer looks at how marketers can try to harness and direct the valuable messages of their brand advocates—and what to do when those messages turn negative. Full Article

  • What Is Holding Back Social Media Investment?

    08 octobre 2010 ( #marketing )

    EMARKETER Social media may be top of mind for many marketers, but it still tends to fall toward the bottom of budgets. Nearly half of brands claim the jury is still out on its value, and marketing integration remains a stumbling block. Full Article

  • Loyal Visitors but Small Share from Social Sites

    22 octobre 2009 ( #networkings )

    dans emarketer Social networks such as Facebook are most likely to send a repeat visitor your way. But their share of referrals remains tiny. Full Article

  • Privacy Concerns Fail to Slow Social Activity

    29 juin 2010 ( #networkings )

    Emarketer While some users and consumer advocacy groups are up in arms over the privacy and safety issues surrounding social media, users seem unconcerned about possible dangers. One big fear is not identity theft but marketers. Full Article

  • audience de Facebook aux US (08/09)

    17 septembre 2009 ( #networkings )

    Demographics of Facebook Growth Expanding beyond its college roots, Facebook is now the most popular social network in the US. Recent growth has been fueled by younger men and older adults. Full Article

  • Mobile Activities Rival PC for Smartphone Owners

    27 juin 2011 ( #marketing )

    Emarketer Around the world, smartphone owners are checking the web almost as frequently via mobile as they are via desktop PC, and they are pursuing the same content activities on both devices. Online video viewing and social networking are both now common...

  • What Makes Up a Social Marketing Strategy?

    24 juin 2010 ( #networkings )

    emarketer As social media becomes firmly entrenched in the marketing toolkit, more companies are putting strategic policies in place for activities on social sites. What do those policies include—and what's missing? Full Article

  • Social Media Is Greater Marketing Priority for Small Businesses

    13 décembre 2010 ( #marketing )

    emarketer Many small businesses have been slower to adopt social media marketing, especially when some still lack a web presence. But small businesses are finding social—especially Facebook—ever more important for gaining and keeping customers. Full...

  • twitter et la presse US

    29 décembre 2009 ( #marketing )

    Newspapers Join in Twitter Conversation Who is doing the most with microblogging—and how should that be measured? Full Article

  • Reaching Online Video Viewers with Long-Form Content

    26 juillet 2010 ( #marketing )

    emarketer A new eMarketer report analyzes the online video content landscape, how viewers are adopting full-length professional video in addition to the staple of user-generated clips, and how content producers are becoming more sophisticated in their...

  • Mobile vs. Social: The Status of Marketing Integration

    13 mai 2011 ( #networkings )

    Dans emarketer Marketers are taking up mobile and social as key parts of their digital campaigns, but in both cases efforts remain siloed. Email has been most successfully integrated with mobile and social, but other tactics remain behind. Full Artic...

  • Social Sites Get People Talking, but Marketers Must Earn Trust

    06 août 2010 ( #marketing )

    emarketer Social media sites are the most talked about content category on the web, with internet users discussing them in person, via email and over the phone. But that doesn't translate to loyalty, trust or confidence in marketer presence. Full Art...

  • Email, Social Media to See More Marketing Dollars in 2011

    31 janvier 2011 ( #marketing )

    emarketer Email and social media seem to go hand in hand: Marketers say they are the two areas most widely expected to receive increased funding next year, and the channels will become more integrated as email marketers adopt still more social tactics....

  • Pour être influent.. il faut lire ...

    22 juin 2011 ( #Ressources humaines )

    Young Affluents Ditch Traditional Media Affluents watch less television and consume more print media than the general population, but high-earning young people may be dropping traditional media altogether. Full Article

  • For Female Social Followers, Brands Rule

    25 mai 2010 ( #marketing )

    Dans emarketer About one-half of women follow a corporate social presence, with brands coming in ahead of retailers. But coupons and friend recommendations are more likely to influence purchase decisions than information and promotions on fan pages. Full...

  • Western European Ecommerce Market Continues Strong Growth

    16 août 2011 ( #marketing )

    Emarketer A new eMarketer report analyzes the business-to-consumer ecommerce picture in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, where there remains significant variation in consumer behavior and participation in the online marketplace. Full Article

  • Does Social Media Work for Small Biz?

    27 octobre 2009 ( #marketing )

    Emarketer Only a minority of small-business executives find social media effective for lead generation and business information. And social network profiles have the biggest gap between usage and effectiveness. Full Article

  • Quel format pub online marche le mieux ?

    24 août 2009 ( #marketing )

    sur emarketer

  • Marketers Put More Lead Gen Budgets Online

    27 juillet 2010 ( #marketing )

    emarketer After slashing budgets in 2009, companies are ready to spend more on lead generation, with a major focus on acquiring new customers. Online channels are most effective, and rigorous monitoring of ROI brings even higher satisfaction with digital....

  • What's Working for Social Media Marketers?

    05 janvier 2010 ( #marketing )

    What's Working for Social Media Marketers? The most common social media tactics may not be the most effective ones. Full Article

  • salon les jeudis.com le 15 avril 2010

    06 avril 2010 ( #Ressources humaines )

    Ingénieurs & Informaticiens, boostez votre carrière ! Prochain Salon du recrutement et de l'emploi informatique PARIS 15 AVRIL 10 + de 2 000 postes ! CNIT Ouverture au public : De 11h à 21h Voir la liste des exposants Voir le plan d'accès

  • Twitter Ad Platform Evolves Quickly

    02 août 2011 ( #marketing )

    Emarketer A new eMarketer report analyzes the evolution of Twitter's ad offerings and how four marketers are using its Promoted Tweets, Trends and Accounts to give a boost to their social media efforts. Full Article

  • Facebook's Diversification Drives Continued Growth

    23 mars 2011 ( #marketing )

    emarketer A new eMarketer report explores our forecasts for user growth on the world's largest social networking site and discusses the network's demographics and usage patterns. Full Article

  • qui est sur Twitter ?

    31 août 2009 ( #networkings )

    Do You Know Who's on Twitter? More women than men. A few loudmouths and a lot of wallflowers. And some very busy marketers. Full Article

  • The State of Social Marketing Integration

    19 mars 2010 ( #networkings )

    Dans emarketer Social media marketing has gone from experimental to must-have, but many marketers are still running siloed campaigns that don't connect with other marketing efforts. Full Article