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  • Why the Future of Social Marketing is Global

    27 août 2010 ( #marketing )

    emarketer Ad spending on social networks is growing fast in the US, but even faster in the rest of the world. A new eMarketer report explores why. Full Article

  • B2C Outpacing B2B in Social Measurement

    09 septembre 2010 ( #marketing )

    emarketer Consumer-focused companies, especially ones that sell products rather than services, are ahead of their B2B counterparts in measuring social media success through a variety of metrics, but B2Bs still stay focused on the bottom line. Full Ar...

  • 2011 Trends: Content Marketing Is Critical

    01 décembre 2010 ( #marketing )

    emarketer eMarketer CEO Geoff Ramsey talks about creating magnetic content that naturally attracts consumers to a brand, instead of just pushing interruptive advertising at them. Part 3 of 4 on trends for the new year. Full Article

  • The Evolution of Twitter Usage

    06 janvier 2011 ( #networkings )

    emarketer As Twitter has grown from the new kid on the block to a staple of social media, the way users interact on the service has changed. More people are willing to share more info than ever, enriching the community. Full Article

  • Website and Email Critical B2B Investments

    28 janvier 2011 ( #marketing )

    emarketer A majority of business-to-business marketers expect a bigger budget to play with in 2011, and they are looking to spend it on tried-and-true online media—plus social. Full Article

  • SMBs Look to Facebook and LinkedIn for Lead Generation

    27 janvier 2011 ( #networkings )

    emarketer Social media sites have proven beneficial to small businesses for several objectives, including lead generation. As SMBs look to 2011 and where they plan to increase spending, these sites in turn will benefit. Full Article

  • Social Gaming Market to Surpass $1 Billion

    01 février 2011 ( #Ressources humaines )

    emarketer The social gaming craze has hit a quarter of US internet users, and the dollars are following. eMarketer estimates gaming revenues will increase nearly 28% this year, and ad spending is growing even faster. Full Article

  • Mobile Web Users in Western Europe to Double by 2015

    11 avril 2011 ( #high tech )

    emarketer A new eMarketer report examines the mobile landscape in the EU-5, where worldwide trends toward smartphone adoption are boosting mobile internet usage rates—and where consumers are often more willing than in the US to interact with brands via...

  • Marketers Look to Boost Lead Gen, Customer Targeting

    03 août 2011 ( #marketing )

    Dans emarketer This year, marketing executives are looking to increase the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives primarily through lead generation and client segmentation—surely with the intent to up customer lifetime value and drive incremental...

  • What Changing Social Media Usage Means for Marketers

    22 août 2011 ( #networkings )

    Emarketer Facebook is still growing its worldwide user base, but in the US and other advanced countries, growth has tapered and user habits are shifting. Similar changes are under way for other social media. Could less user activity be a boon for marketers?...

  • Company Websites Top Source of B2B Leads

    10 octobre 2011 ( #marketing )

    emarkter The company website is a top lead source for B2Bs. Though many benchmark website lead gen effectiveness on the quality of leads, the majority of marketers fail to track key site metrics that help them to better determine such quality.Full Ar...

  • Mobile Shines Amid Rising Digital Ad Spending

    13 octobre 2011 ( #marketing )

    Emarketer The second annual edition of eMarketer's "Global Media Intelligence Report" highlights how the economy has continued to affect the media and marketing landscape around the globe, and how mobile will be a bright spot of growth in many emerging...

  • Mobile Ad Effectiveness Helps Drive Investment

    25 octobre 2011 ( #marketing )

    Emarketer Several studies have shown that mobile ads have better direct-response metrics than typical display ads viewed on a desktop PC. Research suggests brand metrics are also getting a boost from mobile—but is it one that will wear off over time?...

  • les réseaux socaux dans la vie des cadres américains

    10 septembre 2009 ( #networkings )

    Executives and Social Media Marketing executives and other management recognize that social media can be a boon for their business, but also fear the risks involved. Full Article

  • les chiffres des réseaux sociaux aux US

    18 juin 2009 ( #networkings )

    Facebook Overtakes MySpace More US Internet users visited Facebook than MySpace for the first time in history. Full Article

  • User Content Creation

    28 décembre 2009 ( #networkings )

    emarketer Different markets have different usage patterns. How do user-generated content activities vary from country to country? Full Article

  • qui utilise les RSP ?

    22 septembre 2009 ( #networkings )

    Social Media Measurement Lags Adoption Professionals worldwide report using social technologies for marketing, internal collaboration, customer service and more. But only a tiny minority are measuring the success of those efforts. Full Article

  • Brand & Women networking in USA

    04 janvier 2010 ( #networkings )

    Women Warm Up to Brands on Social Sites Social networking is now a must for female Internet users, and they're becoming more likely to interact with—and buy—products and brands. Full Article

  • Social Fans More Likely to Buy

    16 mars 2010 ( #marketing )

    dans emarketer More than one-half of Facebook fans and Twitter followers say following brands has increased their willingness to purchase and recommend them to friends. Full Article

  • Social Media Brings New Engagement to TV

    29 juin 2011 ( #marketing )

    Emarketer A new eMarketer report investigates how the TV industry is using social media to boost viewership and engagement with programming. Full Article

  • Facebook Usage Beats TV During Work Hours

    26 octobre 2011 ( #marketing )

    Emarketer Facebook is wildly popular, and it's no secret many users log in from their desks at work. More consumers 47 and younger sign on to Facebook than tune in to TV between 9am and 5pm, though boomers still watch TV more during business hours. Full...

  • Social Media Marketing in Mobile-Oriented Countries

    03 mai 2011 ( #networkings )

    Dans emarketer Indonesia has more Facebook users than any country outside of the US. But with most web users there signed in via mobile rather than PC, how are marketers targeting them? Full Article

  • Mobile Video to Double Reach by 2013

    03 août 2010 ( #marketing )

    emarketer eMarketer forecasts that nearly one in five US mobile users will be watching video on their devices by 2013, up from less than 10% this year. Revenues are set to grow even faster. Full Article

  • Le Top 30 des sites les plus visités en France

    03 janvier 2007 ( #communication )

    Source : Médiamétrie//NetRatings - Panel France - Domicile et /ou Lieu de travail - Novembre 2006 Applications Internet exclues(3) - Copyright Médiamétrie//NetRatings - Tous droits réservés

  • prévisions emarketing 2009 selon emarketer

    16 décembre 2008 ( #marketing )

    eMarketer's Predictions for 2009 eMarketer's analysts take a look at what's ahead for online advertising, demographic trends, retail e-commerce and more. Full Article