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  • Etat des TIC 2007

    05 février 2008 ( #high tech )

    Etude réalisés pour la DGE par Pierre Audoin Consultants, l’Idate et Coe-Rexecode. Si on prévoit une augmentation des investissements dans les TIC, ils seront moindre en 2008 qu'en 2007. retrouvez le rapport complet ICI.

  • The Rush to Social Networks

    09 février 2009 ( #marketing )

    Analyzing the key trends in the category that online marketers should be keeping an eye on in 2009. Full Article

  • US Online Marketing Effectiveness

    12 juin 2009 ( #marketing )

    dans emarketer Converting sales online is not an easy task, and neither is online branding. In addition, according to marketers, each requires slightly different tactics. Full Article

  • Activiés web selon les générations aux US

    03 décembre 2008 ( #marketing )

    Generation X Marks a Sweet Spot Marketers can target the Generation X demographic by reaching out to them while they are comparison shopping, researching products or social networking. Full Article

  • Les media utilisés aux US dans le processus de décision

    29 février 2008 ( #marketing )

    Pas de surprise... tout baisse pour laisser la place à internet ! et dans le secteur electronique les informations extérieures prennent plus de place que la publicité :

  • Viadeo & Windows live

    13 octobre 2009 ( #networkings )

    Viadeo Manage your contacts to discover new business and career opportunities. Recommend articles and answer questions to build professional credibility in your field. Add your Viadeo activity news feed to your Windows Live profile. Terms of Service |...

  • Un nouveau magazine IT Channel en ligne : channel Insider

    28 juin 2008 ( #communication )

    Bonne lecture ! : http://www.channelinsider.fr/

  • e-mailing marketing ROI

    27 juillet 2009 ( #marketing )

    E-Mail Marketing and Click-Through Rates: Part II More insights on who opens and clicks on e-mail marketing messages. Full Article dans la partie 1 :

  • Top 100 des marques dans le monde en 2007

    25 avril 2008 ( #communication )

    Voici un extrait de l'etude de Millward Brown Optimor (toute l'étude ICI): On notera juste que la première marque Européenne est une marque du secteur IT : Nokia (en 4eme Vodafone, en 5eme SAP) : une bonne position pour le secteur face au luxe, à la banque...

  • Top Tactics for 2009

    29 janvier 2009 ( #marketing )

    Top Tactics for 2009 The Web and mobile marketing are top-of-mind for marketers this year—if not top-of-wallet for clients. Full Article dans emarketer !

  • Excellente année 2011 !

    04 janvier 2011 ( #networkings )

    Premier post de l'année 2011 pour vous présenter tous mes voeux pour cette nouvelle année ! Qu'elle vous apporte Bonheur, joies et réussite dans tous vos projets ! et un peu de reve.... (photo prise de mon iphone aux grenadines l'automne 2010)

  • France's E-Tailers Upbeat

    07 mars 2009 ( #marketing )

    dans emarketer... Karin von Abrams, eMarketer senior analyst, reviews the state of retail e-commerce in France in 2008, and looks ahead at prospects for the coming year. Full Article

  • North American Search Market Heats Up

    31 mars 2010 ( #marketing )

    emarketer Search marketing budgets are set to gain momentum, but for both paid search and SEO, marketers are challenged to determine ROI. Full Article

  • Retail E-Commerce Resumes Double-Digit Growth

    01 avril 2010 ( #marketing )

    A new eMarketer report forecasts a return to robust growth in the US retail e-commerce market after two years of subpar gains. Full Article de mon point de vue.. je pense que l'on peut rajouter quelques points sur la courbe... et vous ? vous en pensez...

  • Is the Click Still King?

    07 mai 2010 ( #marketing )

    emarketer Despite calls for better branding metrics, click-throughs are still the No. 1 effectiveness metric for many in the online ad industry, while ROI measurement lags behind. Full Article

  • Stepping Up to ROI Measurement

    19 mai 2010 ( #marketing )

    emarketer Marketers insist on the importance of ROI to their online efforts, but across formats they still lack the ability to track value for money or allocate revenues to marketing campaigns. Full Article

  • Is B2B on Board with Social?

    20 mai 2010 ( #marketing )

    emarketer Business-to-business firms may market business-oriented products and services, but their customers are ultimately individuals. Avoiding social media could mean missed opportunities. Full Article

  • Two-Thirds of Web Users to Visit Soc Nets in 2014

    26 mai 2010 ( #marketing )

    emarketer A new eMarketer report forecasts continued growth in social network usage as US Internet users from all demographics join the trend. Full Article

  • Internet Users Hold Privacy Dear

    26 mai 2010 ( #marketing )

    emarketer Many who use the Web for entertaining content are willing to make the trade-off of ads for free stuff, but privacy is one thing they won't give up—despite their love of socialization. Full Article

  • Mobile Users Ready for Location-Based Text Marketing

    09 juillet 2010 ( #marketing )

    emarketer Awareness is building around relevant, location-based alerts, which can turn mobile marketing into a useful tool rather than an intrusion and reach a broader audience that still does not have smartphones. Full Article

  • How Are Email, Facebook and Twitter Audiences Different?

    23 juillet 2010 ( #marketing )

    emarketer While more consumers are becoming fans and followers of brands on social sites, email remains the preferred communication method for the majority of web users. What determines people's channel of choice, and what does it mean for marketers?...

  • Email Dominates Mobile Web Time

    13 août 2010 ( #marketing )

    emarketer Social networking may be grabbing the headlines as the most time-intensive activity for web users on their PCs, but it represents only a small portion of mobile internet time. Mobile email is still the main draw. Full Article

  • Can Twitter Turn a Revenue Trickle into a Stream?

    26 août 2010 ( #marketing )

    dans emarketer It took Twitter some time to roll out a business model that involved revenues, but with Promoted Tweets and the @earlybird account well under way, eMarketer takes a look at how effective the microblogging service's promotions have been....

  • Privacy Not a Problem for Savvy Millennials

    26 août 2010 ( #marketing )

    emarketer Young adults may seem addicted to social media, but they are aware of the risks as well as the rewards inherent in making their private lives public. Marketers need to know that social-savvy millennials will go to lengths to protect their privacy....

  • Facebook acquiert Hot Potato, réseau social géolocalisé

    27 août 2010 ( #networkings )

    LMI - par Jacques Cheminat avec IDG NS Le site de réseau social s'est offert Hot Potato, spécialiste de la géolocalisation sur mobile. Une opération complémentaire au lancement du service Places. La suite ICI