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Top des pays sur Facebook

12 Août 2010 , Rédigé par Sandrine Publié dans #networkings

Sur Pingdom

Since we don’t have actual user numbers and demographics from Facebook itself (only Facebook has those), we looked at per-country traffic estimates to Facebook.com. The result is quite interesting. (We used data from Google Ad Planner, which provides traffic stats for a large number of sites.)

Top 10 countries on Facebook

These were the top 10, but there are of course a lot of countries that have a ton of Facebook users. To continue the list, the countries ranking 11-20 are:

Malaysia (12 million), Spain (12 million), the Philippines (10 million), Australia (9.1 million), Argentina (8.2 million), Taiwan (8.2 million), Colombia (7.5 million), Brazil (6.2 million), Chile (6.2 million), Thailand (6.2 million).

Estimated monthly visitors to Facebook.com shown in parenthesis.


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