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Getting to Know E-Mail Recipients

8 Juin 2010 , Rédigé par Sandrine Publié dans #marketing

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Personalization means more than just being on a first-name basis

E-mail marketers competing for attention in cluttered inboxes know that relevance and targeting will help get their messages read by consumers. While a personalized subject line can bring success, a survey of US and UK Internet users by e-mail marketing services firm e-Dialog suggests marketers must get to know more about their recipients than just a first name.

Respondents expressed a desire for e-mail targeted to their interests, demonstrating that marketers know what kinds of products they like, what kind of offers appeal to them and their status as a new or returning customer. A name was less critical, and demographic targeting data such as gender or age was relatively unimportant.

Information US and UK Internet Users Want Marketers to Demonstrate Knowledge of in E-Mail Marketing Messages, Q1 2010 (% of respondents)

Consumers were more likely to say they opened at least half of marketing e-mails when senders across all verticals seemed to “know me a lot.”

A February 2010 survey by GetResponse found that small and midsize businesses around the world were looking to respond to the need for more tailored e-mail messages, with interest-based segmentation the most common technique planned for this year, well ahead of demographics.

“Most consumers will open and read messages that are personalized to them based on preference data,” said Simone Barratt, managing director at e-Dialog International, in a statement. “But marketers need to work hard to satisfy subscribers through more robust preference capture and relevance empowering tactics, including frequency-metering, testing, and behavior analysis.”

Respecting consumers’ biggest desires, for marketers to know what products and messages appeal to them, could do much to stop e-mail messages from languishing unopened and unread. While the top reason marketing e-mails were ignored was frequency, a simple lack of interest in the product or service being marketed was not far behind.

Reasons for Not Regularly Opening/Reading E-Mail Marketing Messages According to US and UK Internet Users, Q1 2010 (% of respondents)

Asked about what types of messages they wanted from e-mail marketers, respondents to the e-Dialog survey did put notifications of deals (68%) and sales (58%) on top. But there was also significant interest in tailored messages with personalized alerts (55%) and reminders (44%).

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